Romper.com: How Long Does Postpartum Insomnia Last? Experts Explain

Dr. Danny Lickness, OBHG hospitalist at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center contributed his expertise to an article that was recently published on Romper.com about postpartum insomnia.

The article provides an overview of postpartum insomnia and gives advice to new moms who may be suffering from insomnia. Dr. Lickness was quoted several times within the article including two of the highlighted segments below:

A lack of sleep is a normal part of having a newborn, so it can be hard to discern general fatigue versus insomnia. Broadly speaking, “with time, good diet, and some exercise, sleep issues improve,” Danny Lickness M.D. tells Romper. “If by your six-week postpartum doctors visit, you are still not sleeping as well as you would like, tell you doctor or midwife. Insomnia may be part of postpartum depression.”

 Lickness gives the following suggestions for easing your body into sleep:

  • Reduce caffeine consumption and avoid after 2 p.m.
  • Keep the bed for sleep and sex only. Have a rocking chair with a comforter to rock and feed your baby.
  • Turn off electronics, TV, your phone, and laptop when you go to bed. Do not watch TV in bed.
  • Keep your bedroom dark and cool. Keep nighttime light to a minimum.
  • Avoid exercising just before going to bed.

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