DocWorking The Whole Physician Podcast: How an OB-GYN physician found work-life balance

OBHG’s Dr. Diana Glasser, Market Medical Director, recently joined DocWorking/The Whole Physician Podcast as a guest. During the episode, she talks about burnout, how OB hospitalists support community doctors and how she found balance as an OB hospitalist. Click to listen to the podcast here.

Two quotes from the episode:

“That has always been a struggle for our specialty. So along came our sub-specialty, the OB-GYN hospitalist in the early 2000s. And we started providing in-house OB-GYN care for patients so that community doctors can stay at home and get their much-needed rest so that they can be functional in the office the next day or the next day. So we go to hospitals, and we provide care there and labor and delivery, for emergency room consults. And those doctors don't have to come in in the middle of the night to care for their patients, because we will do it for them.”

“I received a postcard from my employer, a beach theme that said 'Get a life' and it was a doctor surfing. And so I went to the website and they happened to be opening a program near where I lived at that time. And that's how I joined the company many years ago. I always joke It allowed me to get married, have kids, and have work-life balance in my own life. So I am definitely an advocate of hospitalist work for both reasons for those who want to work in the office and not have to worry about running into the hospital. And also if you want to be a hospitalist it does allow you to have a truly a day off when your post call because we don't have patients of our own.”

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