NBC-2: Many unknowns about fertility & the COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Denise Vilchez Cardenal, a Florida-based OBHG clinician, made the decision to get vaccinated for COVID-19 at 31 weeks pregnant.  She has been sharing the reasoning behind her decision with other pregnant women and news outlets, including NBC-2, Fort Myers, FL.

“It’s a very difficult decision,” according to Dr. Denise Cardenal of Ob Hospitalist Group. “Ultimately, women need to speak to their obstetrician and make an informed decision, and they need to be supported if they decide against it or decide for it.”

Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Cardenal has treated hospitalized pregnant women while being pregnant herself. “First and foremost, I’m a mother,” Dr. Cardenal said, who decided to take the vaccine after thorough consideration. “What I did was speak to maternal-fetal medicine colleagues and specialists to get their input. Doing my research, reading up on the mechanism of action of the vaccine. That is what ultimately helped me make my decision.”

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