Healthleaders: CMOs have key role to play addressing staff mistreatment in OB/GYN field

A recent JAMA Network Open article found sexual harassment and other forms of mistreatment are common in the obstetrics-gynecology field. OBHG's Dr. Mark Simon spoke with HealthLeaders, reacting to the research, saying CMOs and other healthcare leaders need to address the problem.

OB-GYN has the highest percentage of female clinicians such as physicians and midwives, which underlies the data in the research article, Simon says. "With a large percentage of female clinicians and as is the case in society at large, women are on the receiving end of sexual harassment, which makes OB-GYN prone to sexual harassment."

"It is important for CMOs and other healthcare leaders to take the opportunity to set expectations and have zero tolerance for sexual harassment and other mistreatment," Simon says. "That requires codes of conduct, education, an internal recognition that harassment is occurring, a willingness to hear and be open to any complaints that are lodged, and a commitment to investigate complaints thoroughly and fairly. Then healthcare leaders must hold perpetrators accountable to the expectations."

Read the full article here. 

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