CNN: Maternal deaths in US hospitals are declining, study suggests, but birthing complications are rising

A new study suggests that the rate of pregnant women dying of delivery-related causes in the hospital appears to have declined significantly across the U.S. in recent years.

OBHG's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Simon, recently shared his insights on the study findings and the care delivered to pregnant patients in the hospital with CNN.

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In general, the new study findings suggest that hospitals are “on the right track” when it comes to reducing death rates among people who are in the hospital to deliver a baby, said Dr. Mark Simon, chief medical officer at Ob Hospitalist Group, which provides ob/gyn specialists to hospitals.

“I think we’ve gotten better and more aware of addressing issues that occur in the hospital setting,” said Simon, who was not involved in the new study but has worked to help care teams implement maternal health protocols within hospitals.

He thinks several factors could be playing a role in the decline of maternal deaths within the hospital, including a heightened awareness to follow maternal care protocols, greater awareness of racial disparities in maternal mortality and obstetric hospitalists playing larger roles in care.

But, he added, there is still more work to do to lower the maternal death rates outside of the hospital, especially after childbirth.

“What still concerns me about maternal health in this country is, clearly there’s an issue with postpartum care,” Simon said, referring to the large proportion of maternal deaths that happen after delivery.

“That’s an area that we need to continue to focus on. What do we do for our patients? What do we do for women in this country once they leave the hospital after delivering, making sure that we pay attention to their needs and concerns?” he said. “We might be doing a better job within the hospital, but what’s happening once mom leaves?”

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