Managed Healthcare Executive podcast: Addressing care, costs, issues among OBGYNs

OBHG’s CEO, Lenny Castiglione, was a recent guest on Managed Healthcare Executive’s “Tuning in to the C-Suite” podcast. He spoke with the editor about issues and concerns hospitals have around maternity services and how OBHG helps hospitals improve care, reduce costs and achieve their vision.

Here are two of Lenny's quotes from the discussion:

“Regardless of size or location of the hospital, the maternity issues that hospitals have and the concerns that hospitals have around safety and quality don’t differ that much if you are doing 500 deliveries or 5,000 deliveries. Many of our customers are large hospitals but equally important are the small, rural hospitals.”

“Every hospital has a vision for its maternity services. Our goal is to make sure that we help them achieve that vision, which in most times is unique to the market and population they serve. So we are doing everything from coordinating care with federally qualified health clinics with the hospital, supporting certified nurse midwives in birthing centers, or birthing centers within a hospital (which is a new and popular concept), or developing high-risk clinics. Or how do we make sure we are providing further access to mothers that are insured on Medicaid that may not have the access that others do? Overall, it’s helping the hospital execute on the strategy that they have. But as we think ahead, and look at the maternity episode and look at how we continue to reduce costs, increase quality, and what’s known now as the value-based care equation, we think that we can help the hospital enter into the next generation of contracting and services with their payors in the right way by bringing our services to the table.”

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