Student Doctor Network: Why men should consider OB/GYN as a specialty

The slow and steady decrease of men entering the OB/GYN specialty is well known. OBHG Site Director Dr. Bernard Lynch recently contributed an article to The Student Doctor Network about why men should consider OB/GYN as a specialty.

Dr. Lynch shares his story about why he decided to enter his career as an OB/GYN physician, how he currently works as an OB hospitalist and why male students interested in specializing in OB/GYN should not be deterred.

"If a male medical student is inspired to pursue a career as an OB/GYN and feels that they can provide genuine and meaningful care for women, they should not let the makeup of the physician workforce dissuade them. Yes, working to attract patients can be more challenging as a male in the field. But if male students have the ability and desire to connect with patients and their families in a meaningful way, and are intent on making a difference through providing excellent care, they should not be deterred."

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