MedPage Today: Pregnant doctors are getting their COVID shots

OBHG’s Site Director Dr. Denise Vilchez Cardenal is pregnant and decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She received her first dose during her 31st week of pregnancy. Dr. Cardenal recently spoke with MedPage Today, describing why she decided to get vaccinated. She says that she hopes her story will inspire other pregnant healthcare workers and women to gain confidence in the safety of the vaccine.

Select quotes from the story:

"It's important for us as healthcare providers to set an example for our community and for our patients," Cardenal said. "If we unite around the truth and science, we can bring down the reservations that some people may have regarding the vaccine, and for the greater good of humanity, decrease morbidity and mortality."

She said that ever since she shared her story about getting vaccinated on Facebook, "I've had some colleagues say to me, 'Oh, wow, Dr. Cardenal, you got your vaccine, now I am for sure going to get it.'"

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