Parents Magazine: Science finally confirms that pregnant women need more personal space

Pregnant women in their third trimester have a greater need for more personal space around them. Dr. Samira Tahtawi, Ob Hospitalist Group site director at WakeMed Cary Hospital in North Carolina, says that it is important for women to maintain the 'protective bubble' through the late trimester to deflect any harm to the fetus.

According to Parents.com, moms are more sensitive about people touching their baby bumps or just being too close to them during the third trimesters of their pregnancies. Women want people – including their co-workers, friends and even their family – to keep their distance, especially when some get a little too close for comfort.

The research revealed that the brain’s sense of space changes when a person’s body changes. This is especially true during a pregnancy, as many moms go into protective mode without even thinking about it.


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