Journal of OB/GYN Hospital Medicine: Back pain and paresthesias after pregnancy: A spinal abscess or something more?

Congratulations to OBHG's Dr. Susan Passerella for her contributions to a case report n the Journal of OB/GYN Hospital Medicine about back pain and...


Parents: How to Cope With Pregnancy Insomnia

Pregnancy-induced insomnia is a problem for many pregnant women. OBHG Site Director Dr. Chasity Jennings-Nunez recently spoke with Parents about the causes of insomnia...


Journal of OB/GYN Hospital Medicine: Assessment of OB hospitalist level of engagement on labor and delivery

February 2022’s Journal of OB/GYN Hospital Medicine features an article by OBHG’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Simon on the assessment of OB hospitalist...


Romper Magazine: Is diabetes going to crush my dreams of the perfect pregnancy?

OBHG's Medical Director of Operations, Dr. Alissa Erogbogbo recently spoke with Romper Magazine about diabetes and pregnancy.

Read below for select quotes from Dr. Erogbogbo...


WINK: New NCH partnership to improve OB/GYN care, shorten wait times

NCH North Naples Hospital is beginning a new partnership with OBHG to shorten wait times for OB/GYN patients and let them receive care closer...


Fox 40: OBGYN discusses getting COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant

OBHG's Medical Director of Operations Dr. Alissa Erogbogbo spoke with Fox 40 Sacramento about pregnant women and COVID-19.

Click here for the link to...


USA Today: Babies born to moms with COVID-19 when pregnant should be watched for long-term impacts, researchers say

USA Today recently interviewed OBHG’s Medical Director of Operations Dr. Alissa Erogbogbo as part of a story about babies born to moms with COVID-19.



EatingWell: This is the Best Time for Your Family to Get the Flu Shot

OBHG’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Simon was recently interviewed by EatingWell about the flu shot and what age groups are recommended to get...


Community Impact News: Spring/Klein Edition: As vaccinations lag, experts say herd immunity may be unattainable

OBHG’s Dr. Rakhi Dimino, Medical Director of Operations and OB/GYN hospitalist at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, was interviewed regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and pregnant women.



Fox6: COVID shots for pregnant women urged, 31% fully vaccinated

OBHG’s Dr. Kaneez Ali, our site director at Ascension SE Wisconsin St. Joseph recently shared her perspective with Fox 6 on her decision to get...

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