Jumpstart the New Year with the Nation’s top OB hospitalist provider – Make 2023 the year for a balanced OB/GYN career

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) is honored to represent a diverse group of nearly 1,400 physicians, midwives and nurse practitioners across the country. We care for patients in their communities and work in partnership with hospitals to reach the best possible outcomes. In 2023, we are continuing to grow our diverse network of clinicians, meeting the needs of communities large and small nationwide. Our goal is to bring together exceptional clinicians to meet the maternal healthcare challenges in our country head-on.

There’s never been a better...


OBHG is hiring in The Garden State – New OB/GYN jobs in New Jersey!

Looking for the perfect OB/GYN career in New Jersey? Our footprint is constantly growing, and we currently have more than 10...


OBHG is hiring in The Golden State – New OB/GYN jobs in California!

Searching for the perfect OB/GYN job in California? Our footprint is constantly growing, and we currently have more than 25 opportunities...


OBHG is hiring in Texas – New OB/GYN jobs in the Lone Star State!

Scrolling to find the perfect OB/GYN job in Texas? We’ve got you covered. Literally. Our footprint is constantly growing, and we currently have more...


OBHG offers prestigious travel program for experienced OB/GYNs

In Ob Hospitalist Group’s (OBHG) prestigious Diplomat program, experienced OB/GYNs lead diverse medical teams and improve outcomes for moms and babies across the country....


Sunshine State opportunities – new OB/GYN jobs in Florida!

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) is now hiring exceptional OB/GYNs for highly desirable positions in the Sunshine State! Escape to a land that offers amazing...


5 top cities to get an OB/GYN job right now

So, you’ve been scouring the internet looking for OB/GYN jobs, or maybe you’ve been asking colleagues and others in your network about obstetric hospitalist...


Is 2022 the year you'll become an OB hospitalist?

There's never been a better time to begin a career in OB hospitalist medicine.

Because OBHG has the best clinical team in the industry (we...


Talking with an OB/GYN Mom Doc

How do you juggle caring for moms and being a mom? It's a lot. Physician leader Nikki Liburd, MD joined host Pam Peeke, MD...


OBHG OB/GYN Referral Program - Earn $5k!

At OBHG, we know colleague referrals are the best way to bring exceptional new OB/GYN Hospitalists on board.

And now we are offering clinicians across...

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