OBHG partners with Resolute Health Hospital in New Braunfels, TX

Welcome Resolute Health Hospital in New Braunfels, TX to the OBHG family. The program kicked off in April, working towards a full-time obstetrics emergency department (OBED) program in June 2023.

Resolute Health Hospital currently sees 840 annual deliveries and 710 annual unscheduled outpatient visits. The partnership will help the hospital remain competitive in the market and support compliance with Texas' maternal levels of care. The program will raise the standard of care within labor and delivery and increase patient safety and satisfaction.

This partnership is our 39th in the state of Texas...


VIDEO: Delivering life-saving care: Dr. Kingsley shares emergency C-section story

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OBHG welcomes Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Reno, NV

Welcome Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center Reno, NV to the OBHG family with our kick-off of a part-time OB Triage program.

Hospital leadership partnered with OBHG to aid program...


OBHG welcomes Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery, AL

Welcome Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery, AL to the OBHG family with a full-time, Type A obstetric emergency department (OBED) program. Baptist Medical Center East...


Welcome Memorial Hospital Shiloh in Shiloh, IL to the OBHG family

Welcome Memorial Hospital Shiloh in Shiloh, IL to the OBHG family. The program started with a full-time, OB Triage program and opened their obstetric emergency department...


What is an Obstetrics Emergency Department?

An Obstetrics Emergency Department (OBED) provides timely and efficient emergency care to pregnant patients presenting with unscheduled medical needs.

While the OBED functions as an...

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