What is an obstetric hospitalist and what do they do?

The concept of an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) hospitalist, also known as an obstetric hospitalist or OB hospitalist, emerged in the 1990’s as part of the hospitalist movement.

An obstetric hospitalist is a trained OB/GYN physician who provides care for pregnant women at a hospital. This in-patient role may be employed by a hospital, physician practice or a management company like Ob Hospitalist Group. The OB hospitalist cares for laboring patients and manages obstetric (and gynecological) emergencies. An OB hospitalist also serves as an extender and support...


VIDEO: Dr. Haley Strickland describes the role of an obstetric hospitalist and why she became an OB hospitalist

OBHG’s Dr. Haley Strickland is an OB/GYN hospitalist at Baptist Health Louisville. She talks about the role of an obstetric hospitalist...

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