VIDEO: Delivering life-saving care: an emergency delivery

Dr. Nicole Fanning started her hospitalist shift for the evening. A patient was admitted for fetal monitoring earlier that day. Dr. Fanning was regularly checking on the patient.

She noticed that the monitor started showing signs of fetal decelerations. They were manageable at first, but then progressively began to decline.

Watch Dr. Fanning’s account of this obstetric emergency delivery and learn how she provided life-saving care.

“This just goes to show the beauty of having a hospitalist on call at the hospital 24/7 - that there's always...


Podcast: The OB/GYN-CNM Relationship from an OB/GYNs Perspective

OBHG Medical Director of Operations Dr. Stephen Bashuk discusses the important relationship between OB/GYNs and Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) in the latest...


Welcome Marietta Memorial Hospital in Marietta, OH to the OBHG family

Welcome Marietta Memorial Hospital in Marietta, OH to the OBHG family with a kick-off of a part-time OB hospitalist program. This is the 11TH OBHG program to start in 2022!



VIDEO: Delivering life-saving care: Emergency C-section

OBHG Site Director Dr. Nicole Rankins was in the hospital one day when she received a call that she was needed immediately in the...


OBHG clinicians participate in development of core competencies for OB hospitalists

The Society of OB/GYN Hospitalists (SOGH) recently published the Core Competencies for OB and OB/GYN Hospitalists. The core competencies were developed to delineate the...


Dr. Alexander Gumiroff makes System Medical Director | OBHG

Dr. Alexander Gumiroff, OBHG’s Site Director and OB/GYN department chair at Healthpark Medical Center in Fort Myers, FL, was recently appointed System Medical Director...


OBHG Hospitalist delivers life-saving care

It was a fall day in Pennsylvania and the hospital staff was expecting a hurricane to come through the area later in the day....


OBHG celebrates 10-year anniversaries of three OBHG clinicians

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) has provided emergent care for women and babies for over 15 years and our clinicians are a vital part of...


OBHG hospitalists are there for patients, through wind, rain or snow

A “once in a decade” storm surprised the southeast in early January, wreaking havoc in many states. OBHG clinicians in Virginia bravely faced difficulties...


OBHG announces new partnership with Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, MS

OBHG announces a new partnership with Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, MS. We are excited to expand our national network with this new full-time OB...

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