VIDEO: Delivering life-saving care – Dr. Armida Moreno treats patient with postpartum hemorrhage

Every day, OBHG clinicians deliver life-saving care. Their around-the-clock presence ensures that all obstetrical patients receive immediate, unbiased care. Here’s just one example of an OBHG clinician delivering life-saving care. (Read the summary below and watch the video for an account of the full story):

OBHG clinician Dr. Armida Moreno was on shift when a nurse on the floor called her. A patient that required a C-section a few hours earlier and was still bleeding, and the nurse was concerned about her vital signs and...


On the other side – A Chief Medical Officer’s birth story

What’s it like to be a patient in your own hospital if you’re also the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)?

Dr. Loren Robinson,...

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